About Us

Do you love Shiba Inu? Yup, so do we!

That’s right, we’re talking about Shiba Inu, possibly the cutest dog(e) ever to be born on Earth (or heaven)!! Shiba Inu are adored not only for their gorgeous pointy ears and cute bushy tails, but also for their independent nature and bold spirits. Papa Shiba Family praise those special ones that decided to take on the responsibilities to make the noble beasts into man’s best friend. Therefore, we are committed to provide the best services for our beloved customers.

Founded in Canada at the start of 2017, Papa Shiba Family has become a fast-growing, customer-focused online store dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products that are safe and durable for you and your loved ones. Our latest apparel categories were added thanks to all of the suggestions coming from all of the Shiba lovers out there around the world.

Our ultimate goal is to make Papa Shiba Family bigger with your help by being a part of the family! And just like what a family is, we always strive to provide the cheapest and affordable price for our high-quality product with FREE shipping! We really hope that through this movement, we can bring out more joy and happiness to you and everyone around you, and increase more awareness about Shiba Inu around the world!

Even though we’ve grown since our early and humble beginnings, we are still very dedicated to providing quality customer service and the best products. We love Shiba Inu just like we love our customers, and we’re passionate about sourcing new, great accessories, apparel, and equipment to ensure all Shiba lovers out there can proudly present their pride and love of Shiba with styles!

We hope you are ready for the journey as we are moving along, and we’d love you to be a part of our humble Shiba Family!